Message from the president of PMAJ

Akio Mitsufuji

Akio Mitsufuji

It is eight years from the Bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers in 2008. Amid the global financial crisis, the economic growth of China due to the monetary ease and the recovery of US economy have led the global economy as a powerful locomotive. There are, however, some signs of the world economy going downhill at the beginning of this year. The rise of nationalism around the world has cause another disorder of the society. I hope that a new president of USA as a world leader will rebuild trust and order in the world society, politics and economy in coming years.

On the other hand, there are many problems at a deadlock over the years in Japan. Japanese people are not spending their money in fear of uncertainty. We need to get out of this vicious circle, move forward and achieve economic recovery. PMAJ determines to spread the use of P2M, which will certainly help us find a way out of the unprecedented situation as well as solve many issues around us.

PMAJ issued the Mid-term Vision in the beginning of the year 2012. The mission of PMAJ is to implement the objectives listed in the Vision. Here’s our 5 major goals for 2016.

1) To provide each PMAJ member with appropriate services to increase their satisfaction.
2) To disseminate the P2M guidebook 3rd edition published in 2014 throughout the country.
3) To disseminate the P2M textbook published in 2013 for beginners of program and project management, especially university students.
4) To collaborate with public, private and academic organizations and institutions to acquire the mutual benefits.
5) To promote collaborations with overseas project management associations so that foreign enterprises and institutions will have a better understanding of P2M and on the contrary we will know their knowledge and experience.

PMAJ hopes that P2M Guidebook will be in wide use across the world and that we can develop human resources which can carry out programs and projects on a global basis.
Thank you.

PMAJ: Project Management Association of Japan
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