About PMAJ

The PMAJ Mission

The goal of the Project Management Association of Japan (PMAJ) is to educate and train project management practitioners and foster public recognition of project management applicable to various private and public sector enterprise activities, and contribute to the general public by strengthening international competitiveness in the industry and developing vital economic and social support, by offering project management practitioners a certification system, training courses and a means for spreading project management knowledge.

To achieve this mission, the PMAJ will:

Educate and train project management practitioners, who with a high outlook and broad vision, have the capabilities to meet the requirements of today’s global and rapidly changing environment.
Introduce “Program and Project Management for Enterprise Innovation (P2M)“ in Japan, and contribute to improving and advancing project management through educational activities and popularization of P2M.
Provide products and services that support the project management practitioners' lifecycle.
Provide opportunities for project management practitioners to share knowledge and experience and to enhance the capability to apply project management.

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