Welcome to PMAJ, the Project Management Association of Japan is founded on October 5, 2005, the Project Management Professionals Certification Center (PMCC) and the Japan Project Management Forum (JPMF) combined to legally form the Project Management Association of Japan (PMAJ).
PMAJ activities commenced November 2005 as a volunteer driven Non Profit Organization that provides standard guide book, Program and Project Management for Enterprise Innovation (P2M), and the certification systems.
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What's New

2016.06.27 Attendance Report: GAPPS (Global Alliance for Project Performance Standers) TFL 35 (Thought Leadership Forum 35)
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2016.06.20 The 13th P2M Club Meeting was held on Jun 8th 2016.
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2016.05.18 The 20th PMR Club Meeting was held on May 10th 2015.
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2016.05.18 PMAJ Activities from April 2015 – March 2016
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2016.04.01 NIN2 P2M Facebook Page has been released to promote "P2M" on Facebook.
2016.04.01 PMAJ has started introducing "P2M" by means of the P2M Bibelot (P2M Guide) on their Facebook page.
2016.04.01 The New Year's Project Management Seminar 2016 has been concluded successfully.
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2016.04.01 Introduce the SIG ”Utilization of P2M in IT industry” activities.
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