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Chairman, Nobuo Seki

Chairman, Nobuo Seki

I was appointed the role of chairman of our association on 1st of July 2017.
 I have the experience of engaging in the construction of a plant in the southern part of Iraq, a corner of the battlefield, during the Iran-Iraq war that occurred in the 1980s. Although it was a work in a really harsh environment, there was feeling a kind of relief that society at the time can protect themselves by themselves if there is a sense of tension and preparation for the project due to international law, religious teaching etc., and there was a feeling of security.
 In recent years, looking at the terrorist incidents occurring everywhere in the world and the runaway in some countries, while the globalization of the business environment has progressed and the living environment has become more convenient, we need more prudent response to ensure security and, I feel that overseas projects are far more difficult to carry out than at that time.
 In addition, as the society's digitization advances, the new horizon of ICT where the big data, IoT, and AI open up is also clearly visible, the ability and speed of business execution have dramatically improved, but in the field that needs human involvement, the lack of skilled human resources seems to be a serious problem.
 I would like to be of some help to the role of the Association that acquires knowledge and skills of project management and supports society's sustainability and people who contribute to the continued growth of corporate management.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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