Symposium / Seminar

The New Year's Project Management Seminar 2016 has been concluded successfully.

Reported by Yoshio Satoh
PMAJ (Project Management Association of Japan) held the New Year’s PM Seminar 2016 in Tokyo on 19 February. Over 540 project practitioners gathered in the seminar and discussed effective project design.
Keynote speaker Professor Ken Kusunoki, Hitotsubashi University emphasized advantage of the competitive strategy as a narrative story.
Presentation1 speaker Mr. Shuji Honma, CEO of SeedsMesh Co., Ltd. presented effective Design Thinking approaches with narrative story and example of business innovation based on IoT.
Presentation2 speaker Mr. Motohiro Hojo, Senior Advisor, Mckinsey & Company presented how to success change of well-established company with corporate strategy as aggregator?
Presentation3 speaker Mr. Hideki Hasegawa, CEO of HANDSLAB Inc. presented the improvement policies of the IT governance in Tokyu Hands Inc. and example cloud system for the development of a new information system.
Presentation4 speaker Ms. Junko Tanaka, Global Knowledge Network Japan, Ltd. presented knowhow of effective talent management of new generation using case and way of training and career development in project field.

New Year's Project Management Seminar 2016

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