Regular Meeting

The 15th P2M Club Meeting was held on Oct.12th 2016.

Reported by Yukinori Iwashita
Edited by Susumu Miura
P2M Club was founded for the purpose of membership mutual friendship and mutual enlightenment to hold the P2M qualification, and to contribute to the awareness of P2M, the value improvement, and the promotion. In order to attain these purposes, the meeting is held about once every two or three months in early morning with breakfast party in a hotel. The 15th P2M Club Meeting has been held on Oct.12th 2016 at 7:00-9:30 AM.

In this meeting, Mr. Tetsuya Saitou, guest researcher in The Japan Research Institute, did a topic presentation about “A new theory and possibilities of voluntary PM in complex age - about the power of team ". He explained it by referring to a case of volunteer activities after Tohoku Earthquake of 2011. It seemed that many participants have been enough inspired and satisfied with his research. The future PM will be learned more from voluntary organization.
“How to motivate the knowledge worker is the same as how to motivate the volunteer." (P.F. Drucker)

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