Regular Meeting

The 13th P2M Club Meeting was held on Jun 8th 2016.

Reported by Yukinori Iwashita
Edited by Susumu Miura
PMAJ has P2M Certification System and the examination. There are 3 levels of the certificate, i.e. Basic: PMC “Project Management Coordinator”, Intermediate: PMS “Project Management Specialist” and Application: PMR “Program Manager Registered”.
The P2M certification (PMC/PMS/PMR) has started in April 2002 just after P2M had released. P2M professionals was started in order to promote the birth of "new advanced professionals" in Japan. P2M Club was founded for the purpose of membership mutual friendship and mutual enlightenment to hold the P2M qualification, and to contribute to the awareness of P2M, the value improvement, and the promotion. In order to attain these purposes, the meeting is held about once every two or three months in early morning with breakfast party in a hotel. The 13th P2M Club Meeting has been held on Jun 8th, 2016 at 7:00-9:30 AM.

In this meeting, Professor Hiroshi Tanaka, former president of PMAJ, did a topic presentation about "The update of P2M in oversea"- the positioning of P2M in the global PM industry, the new challenge of P2M, and the feedback from each country cultural climate, etc. It seemed that many participants have been enough satisfied with his global rich experiences and persuasions.

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