Regular Meeting

The 20th PMAJ Membership Meeting (Networking)
for mutual friendship was held on Oct 20th 2016.

Reported by Yukinori Iwashita
Edited by Susumu Miura
PMAJ is holding the small meeting for mutual friendship called "PMAJ networking" periodically every two months. Anybody can participate and discuss about a topic theme. And, its second half can have the mutual friendship with light wine. The 20th PMAJ Membership Meeting (Networking) has been held on Oct 20th, 2016 at 6:00-9:00 PM.

In this meeting, Mr. Yukio Kohara, FUJITSU ADVANCED ENGINEERING LIMITED, did a topic presentation about "Trends of Global PMs =80's of Japan + something-Report from PMI Global Congress North America -”. In this congress, it seems that about 66% of the whole by its session ratio is "Agile (Innovation) + Strategy (Portfolio) + Reformation (Program) + Organization (Stakeholder) + Team (Leadership)". He said that the main concept of the new trends is origin in Japanese Management in 80's in Agile, TPS and SCRUM. There will be a true potential in Japanese Management of its originator. After his presentation, the participants have exchanged their opinions on this theme each other friendly.

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